Dinosaur World – A Step Back in Time

Posted on Jun 12 2013 - 12:45pm by 123Hotels.com

Tall_outsideOne of the things that fascinates most children is dinosaurs. If you are looking to do something  fun and family friendly, head right down to Cave City, Kentucky and visit Dinosaur World. Parents and children can walk around and experience what life was like while dinosaurs still roamed the planet.

Dinosaur World is not your typical tourist attraction. You won’t see any fun characters running around, no overpriced concession stands, and no amusement rides. Instead, you get to see life sized dinosaurs running around in what would be their natural habitat. There are some dinosaurs that are over 80 feet long. Kids that are aged 3 to 12 can participate in the Fossil Dig. They will dig in, get dirty, and find their very own dinosaur fossils, sea urchins, and shark teeth.  There are many acres of land that you can explore and hope to find different types of dinosaurs.

When you go to Dinosaur World you will feel like you stepped back in time. You won’t feel as though you’ve entered a loud and expensive park. You will feel as though you are back in the prehistoric era when you see random dinosaurs in the woods among the trees and brush.  Some of the dinosaurs that you will see include the triceratops, brachiosaurus, chasmosaurus, and the dilophosaurus. It’s an excellent way for kids to discover the history of the world as well as a way to introduce them to different dinosaurs.

The park considers itself an outdoor museum and does accept donations to help offset the cost of the exhibits. Parents that have children who truly love dinosaurs can also hold their birthday parties there. There are no places to purchase food but there are available picnic tables. This means that you can bring in your own food for your party. There are drink machines available throughout the park for guest’s convenience.

Dinosaur World entarnce

If you are looking to take your kids on a very cool trip then Dinosaur World would be the place to go. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money for a family outing, you can eat within your own dietary limits by bringing your own food, and kids can dig for their own piece of history.  Dinosaur World also has locations in Plant City, Florida and Glen Rose, Texas. All of the locations have the same fun experiences and events. Why spend $400 a day, for a family of 4, at one of the more popular kid’s amusement parks in Florida? Save that money and take the kids to see something that is truly fun and hands on. It’s good exercise and such a great learning experience. You can play games with the kids that include trying to name that dinosaur. You don’t have to go big or go home. You can go smaller and still have an amazing family vacation.